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Day 7: A Rainy Tuesday

I opened the car door and faced a momentous decision head-on:

Do I use the pizza bag as an umbrella, or just tuck it under my right arm and protect the phone?

It rained hard starting between 6:30 and 7. It varied in intensity throughout the night. It let up one moment then let loose the next. It was a wonderful night to deliver pizzas. It was quiet and squishy without a lot of traffic.

Also, I never received less than a $5 tip. Was it pity, luck of the draw, both or neither?

Lest anybody witnessing this epic adventure of debt destruction forget… this is an epic adventure of debt destruction. I deliver pizzas to make money. Cash. Moolah. I don’t rob any Apostles to pay other Apostles. I deliver pies to bulldoze debt and cut the binds that hold us.

My calculations heretofore yield the following:


Average pay per hour: $15.65

Average deliveries per night: 8

Average tip/mileage reimbursement per delivery: $5.87

Best night: 09/27 at $65.85 with 7 deliveries

Worst night: 09/23 at $28.67 with 7 deliveries

Best week: $217.16

All figures represent tips and mileage reimbursement.


Not too long ago, our debt free date was May 2016.

At the rate above, we will be debt free by November 2015, or sooner.

That’s huge. It feels miraculous. The finish line is there. The goal is visible. The end zone is in range and coming up one tick at a time.

I wonder what it will feel like to be debt-free (except our mortgage!) I wonder what it will be like to be able to save and give like we’ve never saved nor given before, and years ahead of schedule! The top of our debt mountain looms. I like to think the weather up there is AB-FAB.

Not there yet, though. Down here? It’s raining. I hear there’s a great book about making it rain. I’ll read it someday. Until then, I’ll keep climbing and enjoy the weather.



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