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Day 40: Proof that Smiles are Important

In “5 Things Every (Beginner) Pizza Delivery Driver Needs for Success”, number 5 was that you need to smile. “You’ll make friends out of the regulars, and regulars out of the once-in-a-while deliveries.”

It was ten minutes before closing time last night. I took a phone call.

“This is that one pizza restaurant in South Omaha, could you please hold?”

I’m supposed to put people on hold if there is a greeter nearby.

“That’s fine, I’m just calling about a delivery.”

Her voice was terse and stressed.

“Oh, I might be able to help, ma’am. What’s the phone n-“

“It’s just that I was told it would be here in forty-five minutes and it’s been forty-five minutes.”

She gave me her phone number. I found the receipt. There were five minutes left until the expected delivery time.

I let her know that it was done and a driver would be leaving in short order.

“Well do I get a discount or something because it’s late?”

“Let me have you talk to a manager about that one. Hold on.”

I passed her off and went to ready the pizza bag. The manager let me know there was a discount applied. I took the new receipt and headed out.

The first thing I did when I got in my car was called the customer. Yes, I had just spoken with her, but now I had the driver hat on, not the phone answerer.

I let her know I was on my way.

“Good. And a manager was going to give a discount.”

“Yes ma’am, I have the new receipt with me with the new amount,” I said. My tone was reassuring.

“Yeah, because the order is late. I was told forty-five minutes and it’s not here yet.”

“I’m glad she was able to give you the discount,” I said. “By the way, is there anything I should know about your home?”

She gave me a description. It was very nearby. As soon as I saw it, I recognized it. My mind flooded itself with the details of our previous conversation. She had a boss that had gone to the hospital with their spouse.

“Oh, hi! I’ve delivered to you before!” I said.

“Yeah, you have!”

She recognized me from my phone call!

I apologized for the delay, gave her the new amount on the receipt and the food. She gave me ten dollars more than the amount required.

“Can you give me a five and a bunch of ones back?”

I said, “You mean, like, a five and five ones?”

“Yeah, then keep two. Because it’s not your fault the order was late.”

I thanked her and departed.

I am convinced to an extreme that the sole reason I received a tip was because of my positivity during the first delivery with her, and my consideration of her feelings by calling her when I left the store.

Those kinds of experiences are the best. Remember, ye other pizza delivery drivers: SMILE!



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