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Day 45 & 46: Tick and Tock

Monday and Tuesday were very good days for tips. On Monday, I brought home $57 on 9 deliveries. That is fantastic. I was so grateful.

Tuesday night was even better. I delivered until thirty minutes past close. I got in and the shift manager told me to cash out so we could finish cleaning. I counted my cash, tallied my credit card receipts and my jaw dropped. $59.

That’s unheard of on a Tuesday!

I texted my wife, did the dishes and headed home. I walked in the door to our home and shed my cold weather clothing. I took off my non-slip shoes. I went to take my wallet out of my front pocket and felt the rustle of paper. I started to chuckle. In my tally I had forgot a bill out of my tips. Nay, not just any bill. I forgot a $20. It felt like Christmas. What a welcome surprise. Then, as I was counting the total for my spreadsheet, I found another $1 in change in my pocket.

My Tuesday went from $59 to $81 in just three easy steps.

Money aside, I’ve mentioned how I love the people I work with. Take Tick and Tock for example. Tick is loud, hilarious and engaging. Tock is more laid back. Both are knowledgeable and do good work. Both tell the most interesting stories.

Tick’s tire popped on the road on Monday. I caught snippets of his tale as I went about my duties. The part that caught my ear though was about cardiac arrest.

“Man, I was prayin’ to have a heart attack while I was changing that tire. Please. Just let me have a heart attack. I could use the time off. Floor 7, where they ride me every time I leave the floor.”

I should clarify. Most of his conversations are with himself. He continued.

“What do you mean I can’t leave the floor? Because you’re not supposed to. Whatever, you’ll be able to see every time I smoke a cigarette…”

“Wait,” I said. “You’ve had a heart attack before?”

Tick was seated on two pop crates. Held up two fingers.


He nodded. He explained that the last one was while he was working a temp job. He told his manager for the day that he had to go because he was having a heart attack. The manager said, “Ok, I guess you better go then,” and sent him in. 

“Glad to see you in the land of the living,” I said. He chuckled and started singing the lyrics of some related song. Or telling another story to no one in particular. I don’t remember which.

Tock’s stories are more specific. Less all over the place. I learned that his daughter just got baptized. He was very stoked. Tock is a Christian. Loves his K-Love.

“I’ve got my hip-hop bumpin’ my subs, but I listen to my K-Love most of the time on the road,” he said once.

Turns out Tock is on probation. He told me that he failed another UA drug screen for marijuana. He said they told him if he fails again, he’ll go to jail for five years.

“You better stay out of jail, man. You’ve told me way too much about them kids,” I said.

He was bright. Optimistic. Five days clean, he said. He was past the grumpy stage, so he felt good. I encouraged him. He felt positive.

Thus is life in the pizza restaurant. Tires popping. Drug tests popping. Alcohol sales popping. Tick ticking and Tock talking. People singing songs and having heart attacks. I wouldn’t give this mess up.

Well, not for anything less than about $20,000.



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