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Day 50 & 51: Vision

(Note: I decided to rewrite this 1/1/2015. It was too… busy…)

I’m sick. Don’t worry. It’s temporary.


But I have to share this. Vision is important, and change takes vision.

“Where there is no vision, the people perish”

Proverbs 29:18 

It’s pivotal. Think back on something bad from your life. Something that was difficult. Make sure it was one that has since gone away. I’m sure it left in part because you had an idea of what life would be without it, and that vision made all the difference.

This is why I deliver pizzas. Sometimes it’s hard. But there’s still the vision. Grab your own financial vision. Make the difficult sacrifices to reach it.

“But RI,” you ask, “what is your vision of cars and transit?”

Wow. I am so glad you asked.

I drive a lot. Most drive a lot. Bear with me here (grammar Nazis click the link), but 30,000 people die in cars every year in the United States.

Also, hydrocarbons are a volatile stock. No pun intended.


This T-Shirt was a gift from the Oatmeal. They sold them to help build a Tesla museum, as in, N. Tesla, the physicist. I love it for two reasons.

1) Despite the Oatmeal’s irreverent, profane and vulgar treatment of almost any topic, his comics tend to be hilarious and

2) he directly injected the most incredible automotive product in our world into his own life, the Tesla Model S.

My vision is to drive one someday. And not just to drive one. I want to write a check for that sucker.

Here are some stats of my car now versus the Tesla Model S.




I’m still sick, so I’ll leave it at that. It’s better in every way.

This car + wireless charging technology + Solar Freakin’ Roadways = the hopeful future. Find a way to support this technology and we’ll change things. In a good way.




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