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Day 64 & 65: FTW

There are few things on this Earth that make me 9-year-old-at-Christmas excited.

One was and still is Christmas. Duh.

Another was the one time I went and saw the Two Towers in the theatre. Then there was that one time I went to WWF In Your House in the Civic Auditorium.

Another, more contemporary example happens every week for a few weeks a year.

Hello. I am a thirty year old man. My name is Tony “ROE INTENSE” Gardner, and I have a Downton Abbey problem.

Monday is Downton day. It’s on PBS on our Roku. I can’t wait to finish my pizza shift. It’s also my favorite home-date with Amazewife. Think of it. Amazewife. Downton. Same night. Amaze-ton Abbey.

I could not contain my excitement during my shift yesterday. So, this happened. I am dark red, Amazewife is light red.


Give me a break, autocorrect. I am disappointed. You need to correct Downton misspellings. That’s ok, though. Amazewife will understand.


Autocorrect, FTW.

Here’s another win, but the correction was NOT auto. It has taken a lot of work. We started this crazy pizza adventure with three loans: the credit card, Mer’s student loan and my student mortgage. Combined payoff amount: ~$36,000. We paid off the CC back in November. What a wonderful day that was.

We are $1,700 away from paying off Meredith’s student loans. We’re so close I can taste it. We will have knocked out two of our three loans. What a sense of satisfaction! A sense of accomplishment! We’re trying so hard to build the Kingdom by getting our house in order. The reward of seeing it work is payment enough.

Another great win has been the amount of contact friends and acquaintances have made with us. People have reached out to my wife and me for pointers and with questions. They’re aware of their own burdens and want to do something about it.  I’m humbled to work with others on this. You can do it. Just wanting to change your spending and get control of your life and your money is a HUGE win. Then when you actually HAVE CONTROL, it’ll be even huger.

I SAID HUGER. Wait, no red squiggly. Could that be a word for realsies?

It’s time to wake up and heed the warnings. Debt is bad. It is not a tool. It is a way to lose financial footing in a time when we need liquidity and financial solidarity. Our families, brothers and sisters need us. They need us to feed them. Clothe them. Take care of them. Teach them. How can we do that if we’re burdened down?

We’re almost to the top of our second large hill. Then it’s on to the mountain. When are you going to fight to the top? If you’re not winning at money, you should be. You can be.

Hope, FTW.



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