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Change (Deliveries 4/29)

“My name’s RI, by the way,” I said. I settled a handful of pans into a dish rack for washing.

“I’m Huey,” the new guy said.

I wanted to call him He Who Has Giant Earrings (Gauges) – in reformed Hebrew, ‘HWHGG,’ – but I figured Huey was easier on the eyes, ears, mouth and nose.

And boy-howdy are they giant. I didn’t look too close. Staring is not polite. They look to be 3/4” gauges, maybe up to an inch. He’s soft  spoken. He appears to pick up technique fast. I asked when he had started. Less than a week ago, he had said.

I finished a load of dishes and went to check on orders. None were up, but the my manager was there.

“Does that other manager work here anymore?” I asked. I was referring to another gal that I had worked with several times before.

“Yeah, she works during days,” she said. “But Iron Man got transferred.”

(Iron Man is yet another shift manager. I call him Iron Man because of his ability to persevere. I guess he wrecked his motorcycle really bad. Traumatic brain injury. Chronic pain he can never get rid of. Still goes to work every day.)

“Wow,” I said.

“Oh, and Tock doesn’t work here no more,” she said.

This shocked me. Tock? He was there from the beginning. He was encouraged me while I was being interviewed. He taught me how to read the delivery screens. He was always a big help. He loves Jesus and loves video games.  

Lots of change in the wind.

Fast forward. I was listening to Dave Ramsey’s podcast of yesterday’s show while out on a delivery. The voice of a woman from Salt Lake City came on the radio. They were ‘avid listeners’ of Dave’s show and decided as a couple to move in with her parents. They set up a deal with them to live in their home for three years, beating down their debt and attacking the Baby Steps.

She had a dilemma. They were 18 months into the in-law adventure and weren’t making good progress. She wanted to know if they should move out and force themselves into more intensity, although it would mean her husband would need a second job to do so.

“What does ‘weren’t making good progress’ mean?” you might ask.

They owed $180,000 in debt. They make $100,000/year collectively, and have paid off a total of $4,000 in 18 months.


Dave Ramsey is an agent of change. He is on your side when you call in if you are seeking help and guidance. That means getting in your face on occasion. When she said they had been living in their parents’ home for 18 months on $100k and had only paid down $4,000 on debt, I was worried. I imagined Dave getting red in the face.

I was livid, personally. They were mooching housing off of their in-laws while making $100,000/year. If they move out, hubby will have to take a second job. GIVE ME A BREAK! We have three daughters and I have to take a second job. We’re not rolling in a veritable pile of income with no kids living in my parents’ basement. Her whole situation was a pile of out-go, if you get my meaning.

Dave was upset. But he didn’t rage at her. He asked a simple question.

“What is it going to take to get you guys intense?”

And he called her on the hubby second job thing. He said it was false that $100,000 isn’t enough to get by. Plenty of folks call into the show making $100,000 and paying off $50,000 of debt per year.

That caller made me so mad. But Dave changed my perspective. He was disappointed. He was upset. But he didn’t rip her a new one. He asked questions. He told her that she needed to grow up and go to the Financial Peace University class – which she had purchased previously. He encouraged her to change the world.

“Think of how much good you could do with $100,000 a year!” he said.

His attitude toward that caller was awesome, tough, and loving. And his point was solid.

I made $46 in tips. That’s $46 more that I didn’t have before. We have just over $1,000 left on Meredith’s student loan, $18,000 total, and we are going to work as hard as we need to for freedom.

How hard are you working? What are you clinging to? What bad decisions do you keep making, thinking that somehow everything will just work out?

Do you medicate with spending? Oh if I buy this one thing, I will be happy. I’ve got to have my hair done, or I’ll go crazy. I’ve got to eat out. Are you rationalizing these wants at the expense of the peace of your home, family and self? Or worse?

Do you still tell yourself that your debt is an asset, similar to the principle on your home? Because it’s not. Not even student loan debt is an asset. It’s a liability. A big one, if you fit the statistical mold.

Do you still finance vehicles?

Poor people say, “How much down, how much a month?”

Rich people say, “How much?”

Change. Do what rich people do, and you will become rich, in blessings, material wealth and influence.

That’s what the world needs. That what Jesus’ sacrifice allows. Change. If your situation is less than ideal, then find what you need to sacrifice on the altar of wisdom and change. We’re doing what we can and can testify that none of the garbage we used to spend our money on is not worth the peace we feel in sacrifice.

You can do it. We can help. But you’ve got to want it.

I hope you’ve gotten the thread here. If you don’t want to change, then change so that you do.



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