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Fashion Question (Deliveries 5/22)

I arrived late last night to my shift because of a Wi-Fi build-out for a new customer at job #1.

I grabbed my first receipt. The name on the receipt was Hispanic, but just close enough to English to be a possible typo.

Michoacana took the initial order. I asked her if the customer spoke Spanish or English.

“Spanish,” she clarified.

I nodded. I grabbed the order and some condiments and I left.

As I approached the home of this person, something came into view. It was large. It moved and shifted in a mass of arms and legs. It was alive. Very much alive. It was bigger than my car and fast. I wondered what it would take to get through it.

As I got even closer, I realized I was in no immediate danger. It was a mass of a dozen or more children playing around the very apartment I was headed to.

I got out of my car with the pizzas. The kids raised their voices is a chorus of shouts. “The pizza is here! Hi pizza!” One kid sat by the driveway to a small parking lot. He straddled a bike and looked around. He stayed there the whole time.

The body of children flowed through the door of the apartment. I was greeted by a pregnant (?) woman who signed my credit card receipt and took the pizzas. She had a high number of tattoos and piercings. The fashion item that stood out the most, however, were her eyebrows.

Her natural eyebrows were shaved off. The bones of her brow jutted out. And there, a full two to three inches up her forehead, were either drawn or tattooed eyebrows.

No. You know what? They were pretty far up there. Let’s call them Skybrows. 

I couldn’t tell if they were drawn or tattooed because it was dark. And you know, it didn’t occur to me to ask.

I got back to the store.  There was a lull, so I broached the question with the MOD and one of the customer facing ladies.

“Ok, so help me out with something,” I began. They focused their attention as I told the tale of the Skybrows.

“I want to know if this is pretty popular,” I said.

From both women, in unison, then in chorus, a four part harmony and with a drum set pulled out from under a counter – don’t ask me how - they stated, “NO.”

“Oh, good,” I said. “I wanted to make sure I wasn’t supposed to go tell Amazewife she’s behind the times on fashion.”


The Skybrows were intense. The answer to whether they were fashionable was equally intense. It’s good to know that I have people that surround me that can help me with such difficult fashion questions.

Ah, the things you see delivering pizzas.

As always,



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