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Sweaty Blessings (Deliveries 7/22)

I clocked myself in to the dispatch computer. The restaurant was hopping. Customer service gals milled about. The Warrior churned out pizzas. Micho was being all manager-ish. I turned from the computer toward my lockbox. I had a significant amount of money and receipts to drop in from my pocketI slid the receipts in first. The simple thermal paper folds like a razor. No problem. Next, a couple bills. They went in fine. The final wad of cash crumpled as I tried to insert it. It was mushy. Damp. Like a half-dried paper towel after you’ve wiped off the counter. “Why is this so wet?” I asked myself. I remembered immediately. It was gross. Cue the memory swirl! It was earlier that evening. I got out of my dented car with a warm bag of pizzas. I was on time. The house was unmarked. It had a chain-link fence, long grass and a broken screen door through which I could see the entryway. A woman appeared at the screen door just as I lifted the latch to their gate. Her eyes went wide as she …

Duffels 4 Dignity and A Duffel Bag in Imagination Land (Deliveries 7/8)

I know for a fact I’ve mentioned this before: I want to give like no one else. That’s why I want to get out of debt. That’s why I want to sacrifice those things everyone thinks I “need” in order to “live” right now. I do it so that, later on,  I want to give most of my lifestyle away, and still whisk Amazewife off to a beach somewhere every couple of months. This dream was rekindled tonight, but I have to preface the story. My family and I went to see Inside Out for my birthday on the 4th. It was a lot of fun. Most of the movie takes place in the thought processes of an 11 year old girl. Her emotions are the main characters. In fact, everyone’s emotions are characters of some kind. During one part of the movie, Sadness and Joy have gotten lost. They try to find their way back. They find a long lost imaginary friend of the girl’s during their efforts. This friend leads them through a helpful “short cut” to a magical part of the girl’s mind called Imagination Land. This land is full of …