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The Bucket List, and One Checked Off

I don’t plan on delivering forever. Thus, I have a Pizza Delivery bucket list. I didn’t come up with it before I started delivering. The crazy stories I have heard and the crazier people I have met and worked with have spawned it. Here it is, in no particular order:Receive a $100 tip.Receive a non-money money tip, such as a gift card or a coupon for something.Deliver to the same customer as another pizza company.Have an order so big, it takes two trips.Have a customer call in a compliment on my service.Last night, I got to cross one off the list.I don’t work Tuesday nights on a regular basis. I talked to Cap’n about switching this week’s Wednesday shift for Tuesday. Amazewife had a Church engagement. She worked it out for me. I joined the team and delivered till 9 PM. My last delivery was to a familiar apartment complex. It towers above the Old Market just off of Jones St. I was the only delivery vehicle there. I parked my car creatively, threw on my hazards and called the customer. T…

Five Ways A Pizza Delivery Guy and His Family Save Money

Winning with money is hard work. No really. Wise money management goes against the grain. You’ve got to create limits. You have to exercise patience. You have to get creative on cutting costs when it is easier to just buy now, pay later. Wise money management means that you make a plan. A budget. It’s not a theory. It’s not just a good idea. It’s a plan. To win, you execute on the plan. You give every dollar a name and kick problems in the teeth, one by one. Here are five ways Amazewife and I squeeze more out of every pay period. 1) Sinking FundsBack in our stupid days of money management, we would stumble upon an expense we didn’t expect. These things really were unexpected. Like Christmas. That holiday would sneak up on us every year. And every year we would scramble for hundreds of dollars to meet those expectations. We racked up thousands of dollars over several years in credit card debt. We ended up paying for Christmas months or years after it happened. Sinking funds have start…