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Rain drops pattered on my windshield all night. Rain, rain, go away. Send the snow, but not to stay. I parked the Red Dent across from my mark. It was a squat green house with white trim. A weather-stained cherubim leaned against a corner of the porch. There was an old desk, a few pieces of lumber and an old mat. Seemed like the accoutrements never changed whenever I delivered here. I knocked. The door opened after a moment. “Hey, wussup man,” the young man said. He was a full head taller than me, red shirt, wide at the shoulders. I’ve delivered to him before. Nice kid. Always gives a tip. “Hey, buddy. That’ll be seventeen ninety-two,” I said. “Ok.” He fished out his wallet. “… when Columbus sailed the ocean blue,” I said. I chuckled. Funny joke. Personable delivery guy. Old rhyme. I was sure he had heard it before. He handed me the money and told me to keep the change. I gave him his food and told him to keep the pizza. I left. I took a step off the porch. I took a few steps. I g…

Delivering on numbers.

Oh Mylanta! How long have I been doing this? 6 months? A year? I’ve promised numbers updates over my time on this adventure. It’s been a while. Time to make like a pizza driver and deliver.I started delivering pizzas on September 9, 2014. Per that very first post: After we went through the discomfort, pain and annoyance of trimming some of that off, we learned that, given current levels of income, we would be out of debt by May 2016, while still 30 years old!Time on the job since then: 13 mos 2 wks 3 days, or 412 days.Total Household Debt when I started: ~$34,000 (not counting the mortgage.)Current Household Debt: $17,430.87 (without a mortgage!)FYI, the mortgage was about $70,000.That is $17,569.13 ($87k with the mortgage, with another $1,000 of Ruth’s surgery) paid off over the course of almost 14 months. That’s ~$1,183 per month, average. We sold our home and moved into an affordable rental that is right around the corner from my eldest daughter’s school. We have to pay off the rem…