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“I’m pretty sure your brother’s a Ninja,” I said. I was by the prep area talking to the Monk. The dishes were done (for the most part.) I had a moment to make the comment. “Oh yeah, why’s that?” he said, but in much more scatological terms. “Because stuff is just gets done around him. Poof,” I said, moving my hands outwards in an explosive gesture. “Like this one time, I was going to the front of the restaurant while he was going to the back. Then I went into the back again, like, ten seconds later and all the dishes were done.” The Monk laughed. Monk’s sister – also Warrior/Ninja’s sister - is a driver like me. She got a kick out of that, too. “Don’t tell him I might be catching on, though,” I said. “He might have to kill me.” Then it was back to dishes. They are my second favorite thing to do. Dishes. My first favorite thing to do is deliver pizzas. Turns out I’m an old-timer at both. In the year and three months I have worked at this pizza restaurant, I have seen a dozen other dr…

Windy Wednesday

Wednesday night was windy. But whatever. Wind works wonders at whisking away  woes and worries. Sorry. Got a little carried away. (tee hee.)We have a little less than 16,000 woes and worries left. It’s official. Amazewife and I dropped below $16,000 on the student debt this month. It’s our final debt to pay.I was on my way to a delivery at a familiar block of apartments in front of Omaha Central High School. I was about five minutes out, so I thought I’d call and let the customer know. Wanted to minimize time outside my Taurus. “Hello?” a woman said. She didn’t sound like a Roberto, or whatever the customer’s name was.“Hi, my name is RI from that one pizza place. I have a delivery for Ignacio?” Or whatever his name was.“He’s not available at the moment, may I ask who’s calling?”I paused.“My name is RI, I’m calling from that pizza restaurant, you know, that one. I have a delivery for Ignacio,” or whatev, you get the point, “and wanted to let him know I’m on the way.”“Oh.” She paused. “…