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An unexpected victim of unprovoked violence

The Monk underwent surgery to fix a cracked eye socket last week. He caught the angry fist of a troubled family member during an unprovoked attack at home.

I didn’t know this when I started my shift tonight. I went through the first two-thirds pretty relaxed. The store was busy. Everybody was occupied with different pizza tasks. Then I noticed we were missing one.

“Where’s Monk?” I asked. “He off today?”

Rainbow Bright was there. She’s the driver who is also the Monk and the Warrior’s sister. (I call her Rainbow Bright because she always has different colored hair.)

“Did you get your check yet?” she asked.

I was confused. I didn’t understand what my check had to do with anything.

“Did we get paid this week?” I asked Leff-tenant.

“Yep, I put your check there behind the computer,” she said.

I didn’t see my check. There was just a piece of paper. Then the Warrior lifted the piece of paper. Stapled to it was my check. The piece of paper was a typed note from Cap’n.

“I’m sure as many of you have heard, last week 1 of your fellow crew members was injured in an attack from a family member,” it began.

She explained that the attack was unprovoked and resulted in surgery. Then she mentioned that the Monk’s glasses had been broken in the attack. He does not have insurance to replace them.

“As a group I would like each of you to donate just a little so we can help [the Monk] get some glasses and hopefully get back to a normal routine so he can return to work.”

She explained that there was a drop box with his name and a lock to which she alone had the key. She will convert all donated funds into a gift card to an eyeglass vendor for Monk’s benefit.

I talked to the Warrior and other staff. Turns out they weren’t just broken. Pieces of his glasses were pushed into his face by the blow.

I went right to my tip box, took out a bill and put it in the one with Monk’s name on it.

I asked Leff-tenant how long donations would be accepted. She said Monk was going to be out all this week and next.

It’s one thing to argue with a family member. It’s another to take a blow to the face so powerful that it cracks the bone surrounding your eye and presses debris from your glasses into your skin. Hearing about this was very unexpected.

I left on another delivery shortly thereafter and had two thoughts. First, I called Amazewife and apologized for stepping outside our written budget without discussing with her first. (She forgave me when I got home. Then she said it would be easier to deal with if I was carrying ice cream when I walked in. As soon as she said that, I did what any independent, strong, manly owner of his own destiny should do to a woman’s face. I asked her what flavor and went and got some.)

The second thought was about how I could help out Monk more than the measly change I gave. I must be as thick as a post, because it took me a full five minutes to realize dozens of people read these stories.

You don’t know Monk. I don’t even know him very well. But I know him well enough to care to the tune of $5. I’m asking you to care to the tune of a few dollars as well. This isn’t a Kickstarter, nor a GoFundMe. Just a guy delivering pizzas to get out of debt, trying to help an injured coworker without insurance to get back on his feet. He’ll greatly appreciate it, and you’ll feel great doing it.

If we raise $100, he should be able to get an extra set of glasses. If we raise $200, he could probably help with medical bills. The way things cost nowadays, I hope Cap’n and I separately and together can raise more than that.

***UPDATE 1/23/2016***

I came in from a delivery last night (Friday, 1/22) and got a big hug from Rainbow Bright. Cap’n purchased the gift card and a get-well-soon for the Monk. I hugged her back and signed the card.

I wrote:

Get well soon, buddy.

–Tony, and all the readers at



  1. So freaking awesome my heart out too all with such love and appreciation for the love...... With out compassion there would be no Love!!!!!! The tears that came for complete compassion

  2. I am overwhelmed at the amount of compassion for a complete stranger that there is, I believe out of suffering comes compassion and without compassion there would be no Love....I am forever thankful to this blogger for not carrying a selfish bone, and all of you who restored my faith in humanity....that the love is real and awesome... 12 hrs in the DR and the monk Stil in high spirits although I seen the pain....tears filling my eyes as I extend my arms for I am wowed much love and appreciation for the way this has all touched my soul as well as the monks, TRUELY!!!


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