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The Most Frustrating Baby Step (and How to Get Through It)

Originally published by the Blog.Lily graduated from a four-year university with a degree in business—and $35,000 in school loans. She didn’t have any savings, so she used her credit card to pay the deposit on her new apartment. And she swiped it a few more times to buy some nice furniture and appliances. A few months later, she decided it was time to upgrade to a new car, now that she was an adult in "the real world." But then the bills began rolling in. The grace period on her student loans ended. The 90 days "same as cash" promise from the furniture store came and went. Suddenly, at 23 years old, Lily realized she was more than $60,000 in debt. Something had to change, or else she was going to drown.It was time to buckle down and dump her debt once and for all. Maybe you can relate to Lily’s story. Maybe you’re a recent college graduate, a single parent, or quickly approaching retirement. No matter your life stage, paying off your consumer debt pu…

Everything You Need to Know about Surviving a Dog Attack While Out on Delivery

A word to the customer that inspired this post: Thank you so much for letting me take pictures of Brutus. I have included his pictures as promised. They will be found toward the end of this reports that canines killed 360 Americans in the 11 years between 2005 and 2015. (Sources.) In 2015 alone, 34 dog bit-related fatalities were reported. 41% of those were children. Getting attacked by a dog is serious. If the dog is large enough and angry enough, they can kill you. Being prepared can save you from injury and even death.So how do you prepare yourself? It’s simple. Let’s start the first point with a hypothetical:There you are, minding your delivery. You step out of your car with your delicious cargo and walk up to the fence. The ground is bare right up against the chain-link. There are holes dug in the yard. There’s a human appendage sticking out of a mound of dirt near the porch. You assume they have children and continue forward. Business as usual. You move to open…