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Hammer Time

I decided a few weeks ago to try and lighten things up with customers. I therefor exercised a little Vision. Capital-‘V’ vision involves imagination. What does RI look like as a rockstar pizza delivery guy? Images come fast every time I ask myself. Rockstar-pizza-guy RI is fast. He runs to and from deliveries. He looks like this guy, Lukas Parker, but with a pizza shirt on. The most reasonable vision I have of myself during these exercises in imagination is humor. My rockstar-self cracks jokes at the door that make people laugh and tips grow. I have no natural proclivity to humor. I find it easy to laugh, but being humorous takes a spot of effort. But what is vision without a goal and some work? I decided on that day a few weeks ago that, sans orange hammer and copious amounts of body hair, I would try to be funny. I drove down the road to my second delivery of that day began to plan. What jokes could I say? I would have maybe 10 seconds. Interactions are fast. I’m on a doorstep for u…