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Where We Stand

The last of our debt – to any one person or institution on this earth – is right here:That’s it. $9,322.78. We basically owe Navient a used Kia Sorento.Here’s where we were as of Christmas Eve, 2014:I want to make it clear for those just now tuning in. Over the last two and a half years: We paid off nearly $6,800 in credit cards.We paid off a surprise hernia surgery for Ruth ($1,700)We paid off Amazewife’s student loans in full to the tune of $15k.We’ve paid off all but the above amount of my $15k student loans. We owe no money on car payments. Instead we’ve sent three vehicles out to pasture: our Silhouette, the Suburban and the LeSabre. We currently drive a Toyota Sienna and the Ford Taurus.We’ve paid cash for everything, including:Car repairs and replacements, the surprises and the plannedVacations (the ones we could afford)Our 5 month old, Weston Anthony.That $9k is going to die. We were planning on having all $9k paid off by March 27. Amazemom is taking all of us undeserving chil…