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Party Time!

Amazewife and I destroyed the last of our debt just in time for our tenth wedding anniversary. Yay, marriage!I didn't have a ring for my wife when I proposed. I really didn't have much at all when I proposed. It was a cold night outside the Logan temple when I did and I had about $200 to my name. Unlike the one and only Derek Oliver that dressed up as Superman. And got Superman's help to propose. (Congrats, Derek.)But my post isn't about Derek. It is about Amazewife and I. She's A and I'm B, so why don't you just C your way out of this conversation, Derek? Go scare away the porcupines from your yard before your dog bites one. Inside joke.Anywho, our anniversary isn't just one day out of the year. It is part of what I call Mega Week. It is clustered like another topping on a delicious, terrifying, three-layer cake made of it, Mother's day and her birthday. Due to that close proximity, gift buying and delivery can become quite the ordeal. Not this tim…

Now what?

Guess what we did a couple of weeks ago? We got out of debt. Completely. We don't have a mortgage. We don't owe any money on any vehicles. We have no student loan debt, nor medical debt.So now what?Developments so far.I haven't delivered pizzas in months. I miss it. Now that I don't deliver pizzas, I qualify for better rates on long-term disability insurance. My bro-in-law is thinking about doing it, and I told him I could help him land a job.In other news, one of our cars got totaled. Rather than buy another car for a couple thou-, I spent $142 not-thou at the Omaha Community Bike Project and bought a bike. Now I bike to work. G'head and follow me on Strava. It feels awesome. Not biking. Well yes biking. But I bike with a little more freedom knowing I'm not carrying around any debt. I also work with that same freedom. I sleep at night enjoying it as well. What's next?The next step in the plan is to set up a 3-6 month emergency fund. This helps in the case …